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Our Story

We under- promise and over-deliver

Web India Freelancer StoryWebIndiaFreelancer was born 3 years ago, when two young minds came together and recognized how important cost effective web services were becoming for small scale businesses, in respect to their virtual presence and how its importance would grow in the years to come.Then started the entrepreneurial venture to bring the best web design and development services in the most optimal and effective budget boundaries. It was a process of careful binding up of professionals, one by one to complete a whole big family of experts, introducing them to the idea of creating this company and inculcate the vision in the professional blood stream. Today, WebIndiaFreelancer has a group of more than 90 professionals, excelling in their own particular fields. We blend the cost effectiveness of freelancing with the guaranteed professionalism of a brand to bring the best to businesses in terms of profits and scalability.

We are a well-established name in the industry and generally cater to businesses of all sizes and projects of all budgets. So if you know clearly, what you want from us, and in what amount you want it to be done, we are sure we would deliver it right within your stipulated time frame. If you just have a slight idea about what is required, leave it to us. We provide professional and outcome-specific consultation as well and we don’t charge for it. Web design and development, graphics, SEO, E-commerce and content are our core specializations although we do much much more.

As far as technology is concerned, we understand that web related technologies change quicker than fashion and hence we stay abreast with it. So once you hand over your work to us, you can just sit back, assured that whatever would be done, would include the best of technology and the smoothest of compatibility. We always include a lot of flexibility in our product and service packages, so that no matter what stature your business is in, it receives nothing less than the best.

We cater to a global clientele presently, over 500 clients and still counting! Our aim has been to take care of quality standards stringently, irrespective of what the client’s budget is. Its a strong belief in our culture, that quality and perfection are not factors to monetary constraints. So perfection is a guarantee with us!