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Ecommerce Solutions

Let your business taste the new reals of online shopping

E-commerce has emerged as a global market area in the digital era. While your physical presence would keep your business basically local, your e-commerce website can help you develop loyal customers for yourself worldwide. No matter what the stature of a business is, whether a budding enterprise or a well-settled name, every organization, that deals in tangible goods, needs to have a well functioning and secure e-commerce website reserved in its name.

Revenues can be easily scaled up to great levels if the e-commerce website, that you have, fulfills the needs of your customers. WebIndiaFreelancer possesses grilling years of experience as far as e-commerce website development and solutions are concerned. We have been actively involved in business processes, customer expectations and product requirements while making e-commerce websites for our clients. When you come to us with your product, to be sold online, we make it happen rather profitably for you.

The E-commerce websites that we create, invariably showcase the following dramatic features, hard to find anywhere else at the humble cost that we charge:

Stunning website with easy navigation, search-friendly drop-down menus and easy browsing criteria options.
Excellent shopping carts that help your customers compare, choose, shortlist, mark for future and buy their required items.
Safe and secure payment gateway integration to make online shopping risk and hassle-free
A versatile back-end support that helps you keep your customers absolutely updated
Shipping with private labels.
Customization at its best
Currency and language compatibility
B2B as well as B2C websites
Responsiveness to all devices, taking into consideration that 70% of the online shopping the world over, is now done through mobile phone devices and tablets.
Integration with social networking sites, so that your popularity does not look back at the penultimate
Round the clock technical support, to enable your world work on without any bump stop.

With all these amazing features, it does not remain in the shadowy area, that your business would meet new horizons. We have a team of technological experts, simply speaking, smart developers, who have made all projects that we have undertaken till date, an utter success. They have been handpicked from the best in the industry and hence, display an unmatched experience in E-commerce development and servicing. We also have an amazing pool of clients, with more adding up to the list, every passing year. As such, we are exposed to tremendous challenges, unique demands and ever evolving technological scenarios, all of which we have inexplicably beat out! Our profound depth in various industry vertical and horizontals have helped us, perfect the art of customization!

We always love to mention the following core services while speaking of our entire basket of e-commerce development services:

Shopping Cart Development

– E-commerce websites are incomplete without a well integrated and customer oriented shopping cart. The basic idea behind shopping carts remains the same, but your business, being way different from that of your competitor, would require some solution that is unique in nature. We have the capability to impart this uniqueness to your online stuff. A well thought of and strategically judged shopping cart solution hep increase your conversion rates, and subsequently, your online profit margins. Our shopping cart solutions are basically simple, easy to use, do not require technical algorithms to be followed, search friendly and navigation friendly. These, together, promise a great user experience for your customers and profit for you!

E-commerce Website Development

– E-commerce websites are the hearts of an online business. It is imperative to have a well-functioning and search-frienlky website if you wish to showcase of all your products in the right manner and have them sold out. WebIndiaFreelancer provides amazing solutions when it comes to E-commerce Website Development. There might be many E-commerce service providers promising gratifying services, but what differentiates us, is our capacity to actively get involved in business understanding sessions, so that we know your business and customer requirements better and craft solutions accordingly. We provide database driven inventory management systems, that help keep you regularly updated and of corse, does not let your visitors regret their decision. We integrate payment gateways to make the shopping experience extremely convenient and safe. Thus, in a nutshell, we guarantee a better buyer experience and hence a better turnover for your online business.

E-commerce Website design

– E-commerce websites are different in their motive as compared to other web forms. It involves a lot of brain storming regarding the showcasing of your products, the way they are showcased on online galleries, the way prices are displayed, the manner in which visitors are allowed to compare the various products and of course, the time span and ease with which they can navigate through the entire website. We take care of all these minute things and create something that makes your website depict your business exactly. We flaunt a gorgeous collection of themes and templates for you to choose from, and if you feel you want to look really different, we can customize it for you the way your business requires! E-commerce website designing stays as one of our prime areas of expertise and with each project, we tuck in something new in our experience casket.

Magento Store Development

– Since Magento is an exceptional e-commerce platform and it is greatly important for businesses to embrace this platform. We have profound experience in Magento Store Development and we do it for all kinds of businesses. We expertise at everything starting from building up an admin panel, configuring a functional CMS, integrating store logos to integrating wonderful payment gateways. We promise easy manageability and hassle-free functioning and that is what we guess is the most important thing, that you would require out of your online business!

These were just a counted few! We have been into much more since years together and we inculcate new things in every project according to the necessities of the business. We take care of your pockets as well! You can hire our professional e-commerce experts to add a spark to your online business. They would be dedicated just towards your stuff till it is completed and you would have part with your money based on the hours that they spend for you. Make it quick and catch up with a lifetime opportunity to have your store set up in an exemplary manner.